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What do symptoms such as depression, anxiety and attention-related problems have in common with obesity, asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer?

Every heard of the gut-brain connection?
Intuitively, the idea makes sense: Picture for a moment times in your life when nervousness or anxiety have resulted in gut reactions. Maybe you’ve felt butterflies before a date, or had diarrhea just before giving a big speech.
As different as the above conditions may seem, all of them have the same root cause: inflammation. Twenty years of research has shown that inflammation starts in the gut.
In simplified terms, the vagus nerve — which travels from abdomen to head — carries the flames that started in the gut to the nervous system and brain. Suddenly our mood goes flat, or spikes, or we have trouble focusing on the task at hand.
Yet knowing about the gut-brain connection ALSO means that healing these conditions at the root level is possible! How?

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