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ReWorlding Magazine is an immersive, multidimensional experience that breaks through the overculture. Each issue features deeply-rooted interviews, high quality writing and multimedia artwork around plants, art, earth, wholeness and meaning in the Land of Enchantment and beyond.

This free online magazine is designed to function as more than a source of education, imagination and beauty. It also serves as a portal through which to reconnect with lost parts of self, community and natural world. This, then, is what it means to reworld.

Reworlding is a lot like rewilding — a term and concept coined by Jesse Wolf Hardin in the eighties — but with an extra focus on the interface between personal and world soul, as well as living well without unnecessary pharmaceuticals and other aspects of a depth lifestyle. It is about healing from ecocultural trauma in the eight main realms: Time, Place, Body, Sensory, Heart, Tribe, Ancestry and Soul.

Articles, interviews, stories and artwork take us beneath the surface of the everyday world — the hustle, the grids, the hot noise — and into deeper levels of experience, where more of us can connect with one another and perhaps develop community strategies in this era of what Joanna Macy calls The Great Unraveling.

Each issue of ReWorlding Magazine correlates roughly to a natural solar calendar, stage of plant growth and realm of the self/world. . Since the calendar we currently live under has no actual relationship to events in the larger world, new issues will be released around four significant earth/sun events throughout the following year, each tied loosely to a theme. (Not exact dates — we’re New Mexicans, after all, so everything is mañana!:)) This natural sine-wave rhythm is how we once lived out our lives, bound easily to sun and planet, parallel with the life stages of plants from root to seed.

The first issue will be released around the week of the Winter Solstice (December 2016). Subsequent release dates:

  • Winter Solstice (week of  Dec. 21, 2016): The Dream Sensorium
  • Imbolc (week of Feb. 2, 2017): Alchemy in Shadow
  • Lammas (week of Aug. 1, 2017): Whole Health
  • amhain (week of Oct. 31,2017): Will You be an Ancestor Worth Claiming?

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