The Chronic Illness Support Therapy Program is for those who have already been diagnosed with a physical illness such as an autoimmune disease, or who feel they are physically ill but have not received an official diagnosis. At The Calyx Institute, we have personal & professional experience supporting those with chronic illness — especially thyroid disease — but also chronic Lyme and others. Whether you are just starting out on your chronic illness journey or are exhausted and/or overwhelmed from treatment disappointments, we provide support on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

This therapy program has a 12-session minimum commitment. Upon completion, there are intermediate and advanced programs available.

Healing on the deeper levels — through plants, nature & spirit — can be the missing piece in putting chronic illness into remission.

The Chronic Illness Therapy Program includes:

  • 12 session minimum commitment
  • Biweekly one-on-one, 75-minute sessions — please note that standard psychotherapy sessions are typically 50 minutes
  • In-depth nutritional, ecocultural trauma, herbal constitution & other assessments to see where lifestyle/environment may be impacting your mental/emotional health, which in turn affects recovery from chronic illness 
  • Recommended lab tests and referrals to other types of practitioners where appropriate
  • Customized herbal & flower essence formulas prepared monthly by C.I. Botanicals (please check with physician first)
  • Food and elementary medicine guidelines and healing diet recommendations where appropriate (please check with physician first)
  • Optional kitchen consult for assistance in kitchen setup, skills, practices & recipes
  • Outdoor ecotherapy every fourth session for increased intimacy with nature
  • One 120-150 minute Depth Work (Heart Terrain, Underdream or Bodyland) hypnotherapy session per eight regular sessions at no extra charge
  • Personalized home treatment plan upon completion
Who is this not for?
  • Those who are expecting easy answers — we are not doctors, & chronic illness by its nature is complex.
  • Those who are unwilling or unable to (potentially) change or modify their diets to support optimal mental health.
  • Those who are unable to commit to twelve biweekly sessions — our unique services are in high demand.
  • Those who are unable or unwilling to commit to & follow through on lab tests (either through your own physician or self-ordered) or other recommendations. (Though we certainly understand not everyone is able to access or afford all recommendations and always suggest cheaper or diy options when possible.)
  • Those who prefer to talk about problems only. We do a great deal of talking, as in any other psychotherapy setting. However, this program also requires active participation outside of the therapy sessions.

How does this work & how much does it cost?

First you set up an online intake appointment to see if we’re a good fit & to ask any questions you may have. Please see here for insurances we’re able to accept.

For those with other types of insurance we’re not able to take, we can give you a superbill so that you can file the claim yourself for reimbursement &/or to meet your deductible.

We also have a sliding scale available for those without insurance, with high deductibles and/or an insurance type we’re unable to take. Please see here for guidelines on using our sliding scale.

  • Full Rate: $90.00 per session
  • Middle Rate: $65.00 per session
  • Base Rate: $40.00 per session

For those who are ready to commit to the Chronic Illness Support Therapy Program, you may pay per session at the rates above. For those who are able to pay in full up front, you will receive a 5% discount, billed prior to the second session:

  • Full Rate: $940.00 (you save $49.50)
  • Middle Rate: $679.25 (you save $35.75)
  • Base Rate: $418.00 (you save $22.00)