Bioregional Flower Essence Field & Lab

with Albuquerque Herbalism

In this workshop we will work with local plants to make mother essences as well as stock bottles for you to keep. Know that practicing the art of subtle, earth- based medicine is not a mechanical process, however – it is an enchanted one. In this experiential immersion, we will explore potent experiences in healing through our connection to place. We’ll learn consciousness-expanding techniques and delve into practices for cultivating intuition. We will also feast in the forest on gorgeous floral salad and mocktails!

Designed for all levels of experience, this class serves as a gateway between self and the green world. Here is where we will learn how to open enduring channels of communion and communication.

Our session begins in the classroom at The Source at 1111 Carlisle Blvd. SE and then we will carpool to our mountain field trip.  Pack a notebook or journal, any additional food & drink, your sense of humor and an open heart ready to travel beneath and beyond the everyday world. This full day class costs $85 (plus tax) including all your supplies and is limited to 15 people.

2017 Good Medicine Confluence

The Art of Healing, The Savoring of Life

Embark with over 400 others on a magical quest through ancient and enchanted lands – joining in a life-altering experience with the gathering Plant Healer tribe: Nearly a week of deep learning and the sweet celebration of this Herbal Resurgence.

100 Unique Classes! • Native Plant Walks • Dance Concert • Masquerade

  • Classes taught by Angie True: Waking up from Psychiatric Medications + Thyroid: At the Juncture Between Self & World
  • Other topics: Herbal Cocktails & Mixology •Free clinics and street medics •Plant Conservation •Bioregional herbalism and locavorism! •Radical Herbalism and herbal justice •Herbalism’s role in affecting society & culture •Herbs and mental health •Rewilding •Medical Cannabis applications and effects •Entheogens •Traditional and Folk practices!  •Treating Addiction
  • And so many more!

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