Frequently Asked Questions

Psychiatric Medication FAQs

Do you encourage clients to come off of their psychiatric medications?

No. That is something each client should discuss with their doctor, and I am not a doctor. Most people come to The Calyx Pearl Center having already made the personal decision that they would like to taper off of their medication(s), however. In that case, counseling of various types, dietary and herbal support are available.

Can anybody taper off of psychiatric medications?

The vast majority of people are able to do so. It does require high motivation and ability to commit. That said, some cannot safely come off of their medications. Most of these are able to reduce their dosages if desired.

Hypnotherapy FAQs

What if I can’t be hypnotized?!

Relax!:) About 95% of people overall — and 100% so far of my own clients — easily go into trance. If you’ve ever been lost in your thoughts while driving and suddenly found yourself home, for example, then you’ve already done it.

Will I remember anything afterwards?

Yes. The conscious mind is always present, observing everything that happens. Most clients record their journeys, too, however, because sometimes details get lost that later prove important.

What if I’m making it all up?

It can feel that way, especially in the first portions of the journey. Using your imagination is not only okay, but very much encouraged! Your larger self produces images and storylines that contain much wisdom.

What if I don’t go back to any past lives? Do I get a refund?

You’ll probably be surprised by how effortlessly the memories come. Even if they don’t, something meaningful will likely occur. Either way, you’ll still reap the benefits of trance work and herbal formulas, and my time, so, as with any other type of therapeutic service, refunds are not given.

Can I bring my partner/friend/Mom to my session?

This would not be a good idea. Hypnotherapy opens up private, often emotional and deep places. This is where the healing takes place. Having others in the room takes away from the sacred space we create together. Share whatever you like after your journey, of course.

What if things come up that I don’t expect or things that make me uncomfortable?

The unexpected is par for the adventure!

As for any upsetting scenarios that may or may not arise, we reserve plenty of time both before and after your session to process concerns. During the actual journey, I will guide you through any challenging moments, as these can be especially rewarding to work through, or guide you out of them quickly if need be. You also have the option to exit your trance at any time. Your conscious mind remains in control.

How is Soul Ecology Different from Standard Past Life Regressions?

Typically both western psychology and New Age-type self-help approaches assume problems reside solely within the individual.

A standard past life regression comes out of both models. Therefore, just as inter- and intrapersonal issues are typically the only ones addressed in a therapy session, inter- and intrapersonal issues tend to be the only ones addressed in a past life regression as well. Relationships with the world or worlds are ignored as inert backdrops to the main events of the life story at hand.

Soul Ecology, instead, takes an ecotherapeutic or living systems approach to hypnotherapy. While relationship with self and others are certainly included, it also seeks to understand relationships to larger realities. This makes for a much richer learning experience.

Ecotherapy FAQs

What’s an ecotherapy session like?

Ecotherapy sessions typically take place outdoors. They can be as simple as a walking or porch swinging therapy session, or as challenging as a mountain climb. It all depends on length of session, comfort level and predetermined treatment plan or activities. Most people find being in the outdoors more relaxing and rejuvenating than sitting in an office.

What if I’m not that into talking, indoors or outdoors?

That’s absolutely fine. That’s one of the benefits of ecotherapy! It’s a very flexible form of therapy. And talking is hardly the only way to make progress.

Can I bring my dog/child? Pets are usually fine, but please ask prior to the session, as different places have different rules. Children are not encouraged, unless this is a family session and/or the proper releases have been signed.

Photo credits: There’s the Gold and Red Rock Park by Mike Lewinski.

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