Our Unique Approach

The reason that conventional psychiatry – whether pharmaceutical or psychoanalytic – is powerless to substantially help the vast majority of patients is that it does not, and cannot, recognize the wrongness of the world we live in.

Charles Eisenstein, Ascent of Humanity

Holistic treatment at The Calyx Institute includes mind, body, soul or spirit and place in the living world. Here we support the forging of deep living skills through earth-centered therapies, experiential education and botanical and other land-based practices.



These are not your mother’s counseling sessions! The inflammatory model of mental and physical illness at the cutting edge of research informs each session. At the same time, addressing all parts of the patient hearkens back to the age-old, pan-cultural practices of medicine people.

Specialties include:

  • Ecocultural Trauma/loss of meaning
  • Personal Trauma
  • Herbs and Flower Essences for Emotional Health
  • Coming off of Psychiatric Medications
  • How Diet Affects Mood
  • Chronic Illness (especially autoimmune disease)
  • Physical Conditions that Produce Psychological Symptoms

How it Works

Therapies offered include: ecotherapy, psychotherapy, clinical herbalism, dreamwork, clinical hypnotherapy, ancestral work and lifestyle medicine. Most types of sessions include elements from some or all of these therapies. Read here for more about these.



Several different types of treatment plans serve as templates. Within those parameters, treatment plans can easily be customized to focus on particular therapies and/or life aspects. You choose what you most need.

Classes and workshops are also held routinely. These focus on a range of topics, from wild medicines and foods to ecotherapeutic outings and more. The Calyx Pearl Center works closely with community partners such as Plant Healer Magazine, Albuquerque Herbalism and the Yerba Mansa Project. Angie will be a presenter at the 2017 Good Medicine Confluence in Durango, CO, a national herbal and natural health conference.

Another difference? All therapy sessions here are set on a meaningful sliding scale. Financial accessibility is part of The Calyx Institutute’s  own healing purpose. Barter is also accepted. Read here for more.

 In times like these, what we need isn’t more therapy, chemical or otherwise: it’s deeper therapy.

We awaken to what we once knew: we are alive in a living Earth, source of all we are and all we can achieve. Despite our conditioning by the industrial society of the last two centuries, we want to name, once again, this world as holy.

Joanna Macy, Buddhist teacher, shaman and deep ecologist


Outermost whorl, a kind of cup or container enclosing the inner whorls of a flower. Provides structure and support.


Seed within whorl. World within world. “[The] shape [that] waits in the seed of you/to grow and spread its branches/against a future sky….”  — David Whyte

Meet Angie

Angie True, Ecopsychologist/Psychotherapist/Clinical Herbalist

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