Therapy Programs Offered for Adults

Quick Holistic Therapy Assessments (1-2 sessions)


Intake Session

Unsure which package below to pick? Click the question mark (or here) to book an intake session and we’ll go from there! (Cost will be deducted from from chosen package price if applicable.)


Wellness Check (2 sessions)

Just have a simple issue or two that could be helped by a little bit of counseling with some plant bioenergetics? A two-session Wellness Check covers an evaluation, custom formulated flower essence and recommended basic herbal, elementary and food practices. This can be stand-alone or easily combined with other packages below.


Brief Holistic Therapy Programs (6-8 sessions)



Dreamwork Therapy (6 sessions)

Dreamwork Therapy (6 sessions, with option to add on) is perfect for both transitions and for times when we seem to be stuck in a rut. Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced dreamer, one on one dreamwork can be a powerful way to break through to the next phase of life. Learn to establish solid sleep and dreaming foundations and/or to deepen your practice while unlocking the secret meaning to your own highly-individualized dreams. Dreamwork Therapy includes office sessions and one outdoor ecotherapy session, as well as wildcrafted/organic herbal formulas to vivify your dreaming process. Click the image or here to learn more!


Ancestral Therapy (8 sessions)

Ancestral Therapy is about learning to consciously connect with spiritually vibrant ancestors of different types (blood or chosen kin, etc.). This is an ancient and pan-cultural type of therapy still practiced today in many indigenous cultures. It is available to all of us for help in transforming intergenerational patterns of pain and abuse, cultural toxins such as racism, sexism and religious extremism and fully reclaiming the blessings and gifts of your lineages. In eight biweekly sessions, we meet both indoors and out, initiating contact with the ancestors through research, rituals and practices. Explore more here!

Mid- to Long-Term Holistic Therapy Programs


Foundations Holistic Therapy Program (12 or more sessions)

Foundations Holistic Therapy is our most popular offering. It strengthens foundational wellbeing, especially with respect to lifelong, long-term, chronic, multiple or complex issues. This is for highly motivated individuals who are committed to uncovering and healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual roots of their symptoms, including those coming off of psychiatric medications. Each multidimensional treatment plan includes 12-48 ongoing biweekly sessions, depending on presenting problem(s), with plenty of room to adjust to the natural course of treatment along the way. Many different types of healing are available. Every eight regular sessions we will weave in a 90-120 minute Depth Work session at no additional charge. Ready for real transformation? Check it out here.


Depth Work (3 sessions, standalone or add-on)


Heart Terrain Therapy works at the levels of the physical/emotional/spiritual heart in order to heal very deep personal wounds that stand in the way of a heart connection with other beings (including people) & the larger world. Three sessions combine to form an herbal, hypno- and psychotherapeutic journey. Heart Terrain Therapy is appropriate for many types of core issues. Explore more here.

Another three session journey, Soul Ecology Therapy combines hypno/psychotherapy with herbal and ecotherapeutic components. This type of therapy goes beyond this life and this world to explore your questions and concerns in the very big picture, as well as to deepen inhabitation of your current time & place. Read more.

Have you ever wondered what story your body would tell around the traces of ancestral or intergenerational trauma it carries? What do current symptoms, such as chronic illness, weight, addiction and/or mental health issues, have to do with the trauma sustained by those before us? Over three sessions– which can be standalone or combined with other kinds of individual sessions — we will take an exploratory journey deep into the world of your body. Like the other types of Depth Sessions, Bodyland Therapy is not something you will find anywhere else. Curious? Read more here.


Support Animal Evaluation Package


Wondering about your pet flying or living with you in a rental? The Support Animal Evaluation Package will help you determine if your pet qualifies as an emotional support animal (ESA), and if so, provides you the tools to safely, responsibly and legally have them accompany you. Coming soon!

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