Types of Therapies Available for Adults

The environmental degradation of our physical world and the ravages suffered by the imaginal realm of our minds is the same. — Annie LeBrun

Herbal, Food and Elemental Medicine

What do these types of medicine have to do with mental health? The latest research confirms what the ancients always knew: Everything!

Food medicine forms the cornerstone of our approach. The link between the microbiome and all mental/emotional disturbances is irrefutable.

Herbal medicine is the most ancient medicine in the world. Roughly two-thirds of today’s pharmaceuticals arise out of the chemical foundation provided by plants. At The Calyx Institute, we combine modern research with traditional philosophy to treat mental and emotional disturbance, increase resilience + facilitate altered states of conciousness.

Elemental medicine addresses the basics that make up a person’s daily life. Similar to but broader than lifestyle medicine, it includes stress level, physical activity, community relationships, environmental exposures, nature connection and spiritual practice.


Ecotherapy is a wild therapy that comes out of the field of ecopsychology. While other types of therapies focus on intra- and interpersonal relationships with other humans, ecotherapy addresses the more fundamentally broken relationships between people and the natural world. This was a previously ignored topic in the whole history of Western mental health treatment. Research suggests human identity, emotional well-being, and personal fulfillment depend on our relationship with nature. The human need for nature is not just linked to use of its resources but it also has an influence on our emotional state, thought processes and soul-level wellbeing. Through a variety of methods, ecotherapy seeks to restore balance and rootedness within the rapidly shifting, living world.

Holistic Psychotherapy

This is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life story into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. This includes mind, body and soul/spirit, as well as social, economic and political realities. Most types of counseling ignore or pay scant attention to cultural issues, instead implying that individual willpower and/or brain chemistry are the only metrics that matter. The Calyx Institute avoids such reductive approaches. Instead, we support the complexity, uniqueness and nuance of each client who enters our doors.



Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of challenging symptoms. This type of treatment — which is brief and can be combined with other approaches available at The Calyx Institute — works with the deep brain and the body through its direct access to the autonomic and limbic systems within the central nervous system. Such an approach has profound psychological, emotional and physical consequences, activating the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. Enhanced with neurologically-targeted sound therapy, brainspotting is deep, direct and powerful… yet focused and containing. It has been shown to be effective for a wide variety of issues, including physical, emotional and sexual trauma, allergies, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, illnesses, sexual difficulties, writer’s block, PTSD and more.

Women-Centered Psychotherapy

We specialize in the psychology of girls and women, providing support to them as they transition through different stages of development psychologically, physically, culturally and spiritually. Women who are experiencing challenges, conflicts and transitions in relationships with themselves, other humans and/or their world will find safe harbor here. We acknowledge that these experiences are not separate from the current political, social, economic and planetary climate. We support all forms of female sexual identity and orientation.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

This is one of the most unique offerings at The Calyx Institute. Hypnosis — simply a relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention — is combined with herbal, psycho- and ecotherapies. Heart Terrain Therapy goes very deep into emotional territory in order to heal and gain deeper access to the larger world. Bodyland Therapy reveals the story your body wishes to tell on physical, ancestral and energetic levels. The two types of Soul Ecology Therapies take these several steps further to look at spiritual ancestry and the big story of life meaning and purpose.





At The Calyx Institute, dreamwork includes exploration into this altered state of consciousness as a form of therapy unto itself, easily combined with any of the other types of wellness practices. This includes study into the nature of dreaming and sleep on both personal and global levels. On a practical level, dreamwork can help clients problem-solve through insight into their deeper selves, including their physical bodies. Dreaming is one of our greatest natural resources.

Ancestral Work

Working with one’s ancestors is a strong and ancient part of many cultures. We are all influenced by the behavioral patterns embedded in our ancestral lineage. A new scientific approach — epigenetics — recognizes these influences as not metaphorical, but quite literal and embedded in our DNA. Beyond blood kin, there are many other different types of ancestors. Their  influences are usually felt beneath the level of our daily awareness. Standard psychotherapy certainly pays attention to current familial patterns, but this is often not complete enough for full personal transformation. Both immediate and deep ancestry of several types are addressed at The Calyx Institute when treatment plans feature this focus. Intimate relationship with the land and her beings, as well as cultivating deep imagination, allows for active engagement with the energies of one’s soul and the unseen world of Mystery, including the world of ancestral energies. This is surprisingly simple but surprisingly powerful work appropriate for issues around grief, adoption, family estrangement and transgenerational trauma.

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