I’ve worked with Angie True now for about 9 months. I’m at a resting point and will probably see her occasionally for as long as she’ll have me. I made more progress with her in that short time than I have in 40 years of off and on therapy. She is a most effective guide and dealt with my heart and soul as well as my physical being. She has a gift and I’m so fortunate that I got to receive it. I’m off all the medications I had taken for 20 years and am doing so much better without them. I’m eating heathy and have given up all kinds of chemical packed drinks and processed foods. What a pleasure it has been to go through my transformation with her.

Courtney B.


Working with Angie was wonderful! My Soul Ecology Therapy session was a really profound journey, going much deeper than just past lives. The plant elixirs she makes are amazing. They really enhanced the experience and allowed for a much deeper understanding and wisdom. Angie is so professional. If you’ve never done hypnotherapy before, she does a great job of making you comfortable. Her expertise in herbs, imagination and the human experience on Earth is what makes her truly unique.

Cara C.


Angie is a kind and caring person who puts you at ease right away. I’ve learned so much about myself in the short time we’ve worked together. Already I’m stronger, healthier and more connected to my life, my body and my world than I’ve ever been. My Heart Terrain Therapy session will stay with me forever.

Luca J.

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