Meet Our Team

Angie True, LCSW, CHt, MH

Background + Education

Angie’s educational and experiential background includes conventional psychotherapy and ecopsychology, as well as herbal and nutritional work tailored to behavioral health. All of these together inform her functional mental health approach, using holistic therapies.

She started off with a BA in Comparative Literature at Indiana University, with a focus on gender studies and international film. Angie went on to earn a Master’s in Social Work, with honors and awards. She has over 13 years of experience as a Licensed Psychotherapist, working with children, teens and adults with divergent issues and in multiple types of settings.

While doing so, it became obvious that in the mental health field, few considered the importance of physical health or environmental factors when addressing behavioral issues. That’s when she earned a postgraduate certificate in Ecopsychology at Prescott College, where she developed and researched the theory of ecocultural trauma, as well as formalizing her lifelong herbal, ethnobotanical and nutritional research and practice at the Center for Integrative Botanical Studies and at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, earning a certificate in medical herbalism. She also earned certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, studying at the Wellness Institute and with various mentors (including students of Michael Newton) before developing her own eco-psycho-spiritual hypnotherapy practices, which hundreds of clients have now undergone.

Angie teaches locally and at national conferences on ADHD and other types of brain injuries often misdiagnosed as mental health conditions, alternatives to psychiatric drugs, thyroid and autoimmune diseases & mental health, ecocultural trauma, addiction, lineage & ancestral concerns, dreamwork, botanical dreamwork & other topics. She has extensive personal experience with chronic illness and is fascinated by the healing potential of emotional, spiritual and lifestyle support, food and medicine plants and cultivating an ecology of consciousness can have on the dis-eases of our times.

James Clark

Background + Education

James Clark is a chef and herbalist who has studied locally and internationally to learn his crafts from both Eastern and Western perspectives. Propelled by a deep love for nourishing people and incorporating nature, he began cooking professionally at age 13 in his father’s tea shop. Since then he has amassed over a decade of experience in a variety of settings, from creating unique menus for spiritual retreats to serving as lead chef at local restaurants. He has developed a particular interest in food as healing tool on individual, community and planetary levels, especially in terms of emotional and spiritual health. Practiced in a variety of cooking styles – ranging from vegetarian and vegan, to paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, autoimmune paleo and other types of healing diets designed for physical and/or mental health conditions and food sensitivities — James finds joy in observing the empowerment health-conscious cuisines have brought to his customers and clients.

Cooking and food are more than just sustenance, he believes. They are medicine, ritual and conversation between you and nature, as well as an integral facet of the communal experience.

While food comes first as the foundation to any comprehensive healing program, James’ travels, study and apprenticeships in herbalism further inform his approach. His recent experience includes four year’s tenure at the Ayurvedic Institute, given his background in studying astrology and Ayurveda in India. He originally began his traditional western herbal studies in France, and continues them currently in apprenticeship with Angie True, and at local and regional classes such as the annual Good Medicine Confluence in Durango. His current herbal passion lies in incorporating our wild local landscape into medicine for heart and soul. In addition to healing with plants through food and herbs, James’ longstanding personal practices and periodic teachings in meditation, yoga and nature connection round out his healing philosophy.

Like the rest of the team at The Calyx Institute, James’ graphic artwork shows up in our private label herbal products and sensibilities. He takes particular delight in developing one-of-a-kind digestive bitters formulas. For our individual clients, he provides delicious yet practical everyday recipes designed for various stages of their healing journeys, and is also available for one-on-one kitchen consultations to help prepare for dietary changes in a fun and sustainable way.

Josie Kaul, BA

Background + Education

When you contact The Calyx Institute, you’ll first reach our virtual administrative assistant, Josie. She helps guide our clients through the clinical intake process, answering questions in a friendly and professional manner. This is hardly all she does, however.

Josie is a multimedia creative based in Colorado who joins us in New Mexico several times per year. She carries a BA in graphic design. With skills ranging from illustration and branding, to photography, filmmaking and printmaking, her varied digital and physical expressions lend themselves as necessary components to a larger storytelling process, which began when she was only 15 years old and was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.

Inspired by her own natural healing journey, with its many ups and downs, Josie has intentionally cultivated her skills in order to support others on their paths to emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. These days she is often grateful that she was able to avoid a mental health misdiagnosis during her journey, and is particularly grateful to the nutritional, herbal and lifestyle support she was lucky enough to have received. This gratitude shows up in her nature-connected and/or botanical designs for our website and private label products.