Our Approach

What is Functional or Integrative Psychotherapy?

Functional therapy is an emerging paradigm that seeks to identify the root causes of emotional symptoms to correct imbalances and find genuine healing that supports the body, mind and spirit as a whole, assisting you to more richly, expansively and meaningfully experience life on this planet.

Functional therapy is the therapy of WHY: Why am I feeling this way now? Could there be a physical component to this feeling in addition to my emotional experiences? What about my culture, ancestry and spiritual history could be playing a part in these feelings? How can I experience nature, and my place in it, more fully? Together we explore the psychological, historical, social, cultural, economic, biological, environmental, epigenetic, habitual and spiritual factors unique to you, then use this information to develop multidimensional treatment plans.

Conventional mental or behavioral health – whether psychiatric or psychotherapeutic – focuses on symptoms, generally prescribing either drugs or coping skills, respectively, to reduce these symptoms. This approach closely models our allopathic medical system, which similarly prescribes drugs or surgery (& very occasionally adjunctive lifestyle practices, such as exercising more) to reduce symptoms.

Functional psychotherapy, on the other hand, has already integrated the latest mental health research into practice, while keeping a foundation of ancient wisdom in place.

This is the future of a deeper kind of mental health support, available right now. It can be hard work. And it is worth it.

How Does it Work?

We use functional psychotherapy as the guiding approach for our unique blend of holistic treatment at The Calyx Institute. In general, we combine ecopsychology with conventional psychotherapy, lifestyle suggestions to improve emotional health, hypnotherapeutic journeying and (optional) botanical therapies through our sister apothecary, C.I. Botanicals.

We have different therapy programs available, targeted to specific issues and/or of varying program lengths (short- and longer-term).

Our Specialties Include:

  • Chronic illness (especially autoimmune/thyroid disease)
  • How diet affects mood
  • LGBTQ+-related issues
  • Women-centered therapies
  • Trauma & abuse
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Attention-related issues/ADHD
  • Healing from addiction
  • Herbs and flower essences for emotional health
  • Nature connection for emotional resiliency
  • Support for reducing or coming off of psychiatric medications
  • Physical conditions that produce psychosocial/emotional symptoms
  • Psychosocial/emotional conditions that produce physical symptoms
  • Ecocultural trauma/loss of meaning
  • Intergenerational trauma/ancestral & lineage concerns
  • Dreamwork

In times like these, what we need isn’t more therapy, chemical or otherwise: it’s deeper therapy.

Explore our short- and longer-term therapy programs below: