Children, Foundations Work

You can tell as soon as you walk into the waiting room that this is a nice place where they’re really good to kids. Some counseling places don’t have a good vibe when you walk in, but The Calyx Institute does. I can’t even express how grateful we are to this place. The school and the doctor said our son needed to be on medication, but after he started coming here, he’s doing great! They’ve worked with us every step of the way. They’ve been so nice and respectful, and you can’t find very many places where they have expertise in so many areas. Every part of our lives is so much better now. It’s been hard work, but really worth it.¬†

Blanca G.

Adults, Foundations Work

I’ve been at The Calyx Institute now for about 9 months. I’m at a resting point and will probably come back in occasionally for as long as they’ll have me. I made more progress here in that short time than I have in 40 years of off and on therapy.¬†These are the most effective guides who dealt with my heart and soul as well as my physical being. They have a gift and I’m so fortunate that I got to receive it. I’m off all the medications I had taken for 20 years and am doing so much better without them. I’m eating healthy and have given up all kinds of chemical packed drinks and processed foods. What a pleasure it has been to go through my transformation with these .

Courtney B.

In my time at The Calyx Institute I was able to really dive into various issues in my emotional, physical and spiritual life that had long been waiting to be explored. It was here that I was finally able to address these topics with the kind of care and insight I have always wanted to. I have been to many therapists, counselors, psychologists, doctors etc. throughout the years, and there is something extremely special about The Calyx Institute. Firstly, it is an incredibly rare thing to find someone who provides counsel in all of these areas at once. I was able to work on my chronic, undiagnosed illness and find the peace and strength to forge ahead in finding answers, and have since been able to make large leaps in progress in identifying my health issues. Equally, they hold their own knowledge of chronic illnesses here and provided me with my own special mixes of wildcrafted flower essences and other supportive custom herbal formulas.

We did deep work on my spiritual well being and I was lucky enough to experience a meditative soul journey. Walking in the woods or meeting in the office, we explored issues such as ancestral trauma in ways I had never really known they could be explored. Again, here at The Calyx Institute I found a depth and gentleness I’m not sure I’ve experienced before and this was an incredible gift. I cannot recommend The Calyx Institute highly enough. I am grateful to the bottom of my heart!

Adults, Depth Sessions

Working at The Calyx Institute was wonderful! My Soul Ecology Therapy session was a really profound journey, going much deeper than I expected. The plant elixirs made here are amazing. They really enhanced the experience and allowed for a much deeper understanding and wisdom. Also, the staff is so professional. If you’ve never done hypnotherapy before, they do a great job of making you comfortable. Their expertise in herbs, hypnotherapy and the human experience on Earth is what makes them truly unique.

Cara C.


They’re really kind and caring therapists here who put you at ease right away. I’ve learned so much about myself in the short time of being at The Calyx Institute. Already I’m stronger, healthier and more connected to my life, my body and my world than I’ve ever been. My Heart Terrain Therapy session will stay with me forever.

Luca J.